Across the Globe: Artist Spotlight #2

by Unseen August 01 2018

The galleries have been announced, the artists confirmed, but do you know who’s who? In the weeks leading up to Unseen Amsterdam 2018 we’ll be shining a light on each of the artists represented by the participating galleries. Following from last week’s pick we’re staying local, naming and faming the artists represented by a further four galleries across the Netherlands.

Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen
Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen will show new work from Gregory Halpern’s (US, 1977) Confederate Moons series. Halpern’s unerring eye for beauty is focused on its contradictions and unlikely occurrences. Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen will also present work by self-taught photographer Raymond Meeks (US, 1963) who will be showing premiering work. Typically focusing on subjects close to home and heart, Meeks produces quiet, dreamlike images of himself and his family, as well as the surrounding natural and built environment. Images from Bryan Schutmaat’s (US, 1983) series Good Goddamn, will also be on show, which were published in 2017 by Trespasser Books under the title of the same name.

© Jacob Aue Sobol_Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen (1)_0.jpg

Image: Sharde, Milwaukee, from the series America, 2014 © Jacob Aue Sobol/Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen

Kahmann Gallery
Kahmann Gallery will bring Kevin Osepa (CW, 1994) whose work revolves around his identity and the identity of Afro-Caribbean youth in a post-colonial world. Using different experimental techniques, Osepa creates colourful visual stories that explore themes such as religion, African diaspora, and family. Lorenzo Vitturi (IT, 1980) will be showing work from his latest photo-book Money Must Be Made. Bart Lunenburg (NL, 1995) researches the meaning of the window in our daily lives and in the history of art, photography and architecture for his series Window Archive, and Jeroen Toirkens’ (NL, 1971) ongoing project Borealis explores the stories and people in the Boreal forests, a circle of mostly coniferous trees stretching across northern Europe, Asia and North America. This exhibition will also be on show at Kahmann Gallery as part of Open Gallery Night.

Mustafa Saeed’s (SO, 1989) work marries poetic symbolism with socio-political critique to explore issues of war, conflict and environment. His latest series, Reasons to False, will be premiering at Unseen Amsterdam this year, alongside Nadine Stijns’ (NL, 1976) project The Anarchist Citizenship, on which Saeed also collaborates, which is set in the non-recognised state of Somaliland located in the Northern region of Somalia. Daan Paans (NL, 1985) work investigates the concept of time. At Unseen Amsterdam 2018, he will show work from his series The Conquistadores.

web_Reasons to False, 2018 © Mustafa Saeed_LhGWR_3.jpg

Image: Reasons to False, 2018 © Mustafa Saeed/LhGWR

Stigter van Doesburg
Peggy Franck (NL, 1978) is known for her photographs and installations that she treats as film sets, sometimes keeping and reworking the same set for several different projects. Whilst theatrical in nature – in their combination of colours, materials and surfaces – these sets remain abstract environments. Elspeth Diederix (KE, 1972), who won the Meijburg Art Commission in 2016, will be showing images from her most recent series, Miracle, which were taken at her garden in Amsterdam West. Guadeloupe born artist Jimmy Robert (FR, 1975) uses a variety of media to emphasise what he sees as the instability of the image. His photographs, installations and performances reveal multiple meanings, thereby challenging the cultural codes within language, taste and aesthetic judgment.

1, from the series Miracle, 2017 © Elspeth Diederix:Stigter Van Doesburg_2.jpg

Image: 1, from the series Miracle, 2017 © Elspeth Diederix/Stigter Van Doesburg

Feature Image: Altá, from the series Mester Blousé, 2016 © Kevin Osepa/Kahmann Gallery