Across the Globe: Artist Spotlight #4

by Unseen2 September 03 2018

The galleries have been announced, the artists confirmed, but do you know who’s who? In the weeks leading up to Unseen Amsterdam 2018 we’ll be shining a light on each of the artists represented by the participating galleries. This week, we will be looking at the work of artists exhibiting at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam from galleries from Italy and Sweden.

Mc2gallery (IT)
Exploring beyond the reality he was socialised into, creating new ones in its place, Jonny Briggs (GB, 1985) premieres several works from the series’ The Freud Museum and Unpalatable Truths and is definitely not one to be missed. Meanwhile, Vittoria Gerardi (IT, 1996) plays with chance and control in Confines, presenting a visual and mental experience through Death Valley. Meanwhile, architect graduate Patricio Reig (AR, 1959) explores the extremities of life and death through his presentation of nature, portrait, urban landscape or naked portraits. Catch his series Vanitas at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam.

The Un-carved Block (Ear grafted onto a Neolithic menhir), 2017 © Jonny Briggs_mc2gallery.jpg

Image: The Un-carved Block (Ear grafted onto a Neolithic menhir), 2017 © Jonny Briggs/mc2gallery

Exhibiting work from her series One Flower, One Leaf at Unseen Amsterdam 2018, Martina della Valle (IT, 1981) explores the physical and mental traces left by the light, through time and space. Alberto Sinigaglia (IT, 1984) presents his ongoing project Microwave City, using the camera mainly to exclude things from the frame, in an attempt to simplify the chaos of this global time of doubt, reducing the context as much as possible in order to cause displacement. TILO & TONI (DE, 2015) is an artistic duo who have built their practice on interconnected layers of meaning, from reflection on contemporary imagery, to direct experimentation on different material, an openly-declared influence by different disciplines to the recombination of images and material they found particularly inspiring.

MLZ Art Dep (IT)
The main purpose of MLZ art dep is to raise the viewers’ awareness of topical issues through interaction with contemporary art. The Cool Couple (Simone Santilli, IT, 1986 and Nicolò Benetton, IT, 1987), an artist duo based in Milan, focus on the friction points in the relationships between people and images in Karma Fails, the first chapter in Turbulent Times.  Working across a range of practices, from art installations and performances to publications, Discipula (IT, 2013) explores the role of images in the contemporary mediascape, presenting How Things Dream, their most experimental, controversial and dystopian manifestation yet. The title of the work referring to abecedaries, the books used by teachers with young students, the images of Alessandro Sambini’s (IT, 1982) Spelling Book. Learning from Caltech-256, they were not produced by humans, but rather the result of the learning process of a machine. Klara Källström (SE, 1984) and Thobias Fäldt’s (SE, 1978) explores the production of knowledge, media issues, historical narratives and the depiction and perception of political events. Don’t miss the duo’s The Last of the Lucky / You can always get what you want, at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam.

1, from the series The Last of the Lucky, 2014-2017 © Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt_MLZ Art Dep.jpg

Image: 1, from the series The Last of the Lucky, 2014-2017 © Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt/MLZ Art Dep

Podbielski Contemporary (IT)
A first-time exhibitor, now based in Milan, Podbielski Contemporary showcases the work of two Israeli artists. Benyamin Reich (IL, 1976) delves into issues of identity and gender in Aggada, a series that attempts to reconcile the poles ‘governing’ his life—his traditional Jewish upbringing and being homosexual—previewing work from his latest series Ruins of Jerusalem. In his exhibited work Surveyor, Yuval Yairi (IL, 1961) adopts the figure of the surveyor as an alter-ego. Don’t miss these two ever-questioning artists at Unseen Amsterdam 2018.

Bocher, from the series Ruins of Jerusalem, 2018 © Benyamin Reich_Podbielski Contemporary(new).jpg

Image: Bocher, from the series Ruins of Jerusalem, 2018 © Benyamin Reich/Podbielski Contemporary(new)

Fotogalleri Vasli Souza (SE)
As the only Swedish gallery and a first-time exhibitor at Unseen Amsterdam, don’t miss a frame of Fotogalleri Vasli. While Pixy Liao (CN, 1979) premieres work from the series Experimental Relationship, exploring themes of gender, cultural differences (Japan-China), sex, roles and power, AdeY (GB, 1981) investigates the way in which society forces us to choose one direction or path, conditioning us into a life of normative behaviour. Sami Parkkinen’s (FI, 1974) photographs and sculptures then investigate human spirituality and the need for a redefinition of society and humanity. Parkkinen premieres Limbo at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam. Completing the gallery is Silin Liu (CN, 1990). Also nominated for Foam Paul Huf Award 2018, be sure to catch a glimpse of this talented artist’s work.

Summer is Coming, 2018 © AdeY_Fotogalleri Vasli Souza.jpg

Image: Summer is Coming, 2018 © AdeY/Fotogalleri Vasli Souza

Image: Knothole Grable, from the series Microwave City - Cloud, 2017 © Alberto Sinigaglia/METRONOM