Across the Globe: Artist Spotlight #6

by Unseen2 September 05 2018

The galleries have been announced, the artists confirmed, but do you know who’s who? In the weeks leading up to Unseen Amsterdam 2018 we’ll be shining a light on each of the artists represented by the participating galleries. In this artist spotlight, we’re heading over to the United Kingdom to see what else we can expect from this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam.

Ed Cross Fine Art (UK)

In Keyezua’s (AO, 1988) series Fortia, she depicts African women wearing masks produced by a group of lesser abled men, addressing issues of identity, belonging and empowerment. Meanwhile, Mário Macilau (MZ, 1984) focusses on the research and representation of socially and economically marginalised groups. Showing works from his earlier series Profit Corner and from a new series Faith, he explores the complex realities of human labour and environmental conditions.

Flowers Gallery (UK)

Edmund Clark (UK, 1963) will be presenting his series, My Shadow’s Reflection, which centres around Europe’s only entirely therapeutic prison, HMP Grendon, where Clark spent 3 years as artist-in-residence. His work often raises issues of control or incarceration and developments in contemporary conflict, Clark is definitely not an artist to miss. Emphasising the ‘natural strangeness’ of some of the most isolated corners of the earth through uncanny juxtapositions of everyday objects and materials, don’t miss a frame of Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s (NL, 1973) dream-like photographs. Tom Lovelace works at the intersection of photography, performance and sculpture, his practice grounded in a reinvention of everyday objects, materials and processes. Julie Cockburn (UK, 1961) is known for her intricate works using found photographs. Through a highly individual process of cutting, embroidering and collage Cockburn re-invigorates these found photographs through her interventions.

Talking Heads, 2017 © Julie Cockburn_Flowers Gallery_0.jpg

Image: Talking Heads, 2017 © Julie Cockburn/Flowers Gallery

Purdy Hicks Gallery (UK)

Anna Reivilä (FI, 1988) is presenting works from her series Bondin which she combines land art and photography, bringing traditional Japanese bondage techniques into pockets of nature. Meanwhile, Awoiska van der Molen (NL, 1972) creates monochrome photographs, which are the result of long periods of time spent in remote landscapes. Premiering at Unseen Amsterdam 2018, Céline Bodin’s (FR, 1990) series The Hunt works with the concept of the ideal, thus exploring the notion of gender and identity in Western culture. Susan Derges’ (UK, 1955) work endeavours to capture invisible scientific and natural processes, such as the continuous movement of water, the evolution of frogspawn or the cycles of the moon.

Bond 35, from the series Bond, 2016-2018 © Anna Reivilä_Purdy Hicks Gallery_0.jpg

Image: Bond 35, from the series Bond, 2016-2018 © Anna Reivilä/Purdy Hicks Gallery

Seen Fifteen (UK)

In his series Aomori, Alexander Mourant (UK, 1994) combines two highly intense concepts—the forest and the depth of blue—to depict Japan’s ancestral forests. Influenced by the great Yves Klein, don’t miss out on this captivating work.

Blue Tree, from the series Aomori, 2017 © Alexander Mourant_Seen Fifteen_0.jpg

Image: Blue Tree, from the series Aomori, 2017 © Alexander Mourant/Seen Fifteen

The Photographers’ Gallery (UK)

Alma Haser’s (DE, 1989) series Pseudo explores themes of fiction, reality and the space between the two. Haser is an artist who prefers to do things with her own hands and she continues this approach in the series by creating images by layering, folding and cutting images of flowers. Meanwhile, Jessa Fairbrother (UK) creates pieces that are half photography, half performance for her series Constellations. Using the naked body as a site to perform and meditate, she created idiosyncratic pieces by employing a needle to alter and exploit the photographic surfaces. Rounding off The Photographers’ Gallery’s exhibiting artists is Vasantha Yogananthan (UK, 1985) who presents A Myth of Two Souls, which sees him working with a local Indian artist to revive the tradition of hand-painting. The more his practice grows, the more he perceives photography as a malleable material open to interpretation.

Hands pixel, from the series I always have to repeat myself, 2017 © Alma Haser_The Photographers' Gallery_0.jpg

Image: Hands pixel, from the series I always have to repeat myself, 2017 © Alma Haser/The Photographers' Gallery

TJ Boulting (UK)

Having begun her career documenting the Gaza Strip, Iraq and Lebanon and slowly developing from a hard-news to documentary style, Bénédicte Kurzen (FR, 1980) presents her series Chronicles of the Lake Chad Basin at Unseen Amsterdam 2018. Venturing into the digital world, Hayley Morris-Cafiero (US, 1976) explores the issue of cyber-bullying in her series The Bully Pulpit, following her controversial series Wait Watchers. Juno Calypso (UK, 1989) uses a character called Joyce to re-enact the private life of a woman consumed by the labour of constructed femininity, carried out to the point of ritualised absurdity. Finally, Maisie Cousins (UK, 1992) present her series, rubbish bin; grass, peonie, bum as well as pieces from her ongoing new series.

Maiduguri - Gazelle, from the series Chronicles of the Lake Chad Basin, 2017 © Benedicte Kurzen_TJ Boulting_0.jpg

Image: Maiduguri - Gazelle, from the series, Chronicles of the Lake Chad Basin, 2017 © Benedicte Kurzen/TJ Boulting

Unseen Amsterdam 2018 runs from the 21st to the 23rd of September. Check out our programme, get your tickets now and start planning your perfect Unseen experience.

Image: 4, from the series FORTIA, 2017 © Keyezua/Ed Cross Fine Art