Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #12

by Unseen September 07 2017

As we countdown to Unseen Amsterdam 2017, we are excited to introduce you to the galleries that will be exhibiting work during this year’s edition. In this feature, we highlight them by taking a region by region view. This week, we stay close to home, as we tell you more about the Dutch galleries, Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam, andriesse eyck galerie, Stigter Van Doesburg, CINNNAMON, Dürst Britt & Mayhew and Flatland Gallery.

Alex Daniels
Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam is situated in the heart of Amsterdam. The gallery started as a family business in 1986 exhibiting and working with modern masters. Since 2005, it has opened a new space to represent and exhibit international established artists as well as emerging talent, to advise and build local and international private and corporate art collections, focusing on contemporary photography, painting and sculpture. One of the artists Alex Daniels will be bringing to Unseen Amsterdam this year is London born Miles Aldridge, who has had his photographs published in Vogue Italia, American Vogue, Numéro, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Paradis. Showing premiering work at this year’s fair, Aldridge says that he rebuilds the world instead of photographing the real one, which speaks to the cinematic and reconstructed scenes that populate his surreal images.

Photo: (after Cattelan) #5, from the series after Cattelan, 2016 © Miles Aldridge/Galerie Alex Daniëls- Reflex Amsterdam 

andriesse eyck galerie
In September 2014 Paul Andriesse joined forces with Zsa-Zsa Eyck and merged into andriesse eyck galerie. Located in the Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam, andriesse eyck represents internationally renowned artists but also supports the work of emerging photographers and conceptual artists. One of the artists andriesse eyck galerie will be showing at Unseen Amsterdam 2017 will be Charlotte Dumas. In premiering work, Dumas continues her fascination with animals and our relationship with them. Exploring the contradictory and complicated links between humans and animals, Dumas reflects on issues of empathy and value.

Stigter Van Doesburg
Stigter van Doesburg is a contemporary art gallery located in the centre of Amsterdam. Founded in 2001, it has gained recognition for its strong representation of female artists.The gallery works with emerging artists to promote their work in the international scene. Amongst others, Stigter Van Doesburg will present the work of Nathaniel Mellors at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam. Living and working in Los Angeles, Mellors creates films that spill into the gallery in the form of animatronic sculptures and installations. He draws his subjects from television culture, providing viewers with immersive environments filled with options for entertainment—based on game shows, sitcoms, nature programs, melodramas, and even snuff films. He is representing Finland together with Erkka Nissinen at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Neandergram-Backwall Frontwall, 2014 c Nathaniel Mellors Stigter van Doesburg_0.jpg Photo: Neandergram-Backwall/Frontwall, 2014 © Nathaniel Mellors/Stigter van Doesburg

CINNNAMON is a young contemporary art gallery based in Rotterdam. The gallery sports an international programme centred around compelling artistic positions by emerging and mid-career artists. The artists the gallery works with locate their artistic practice within broader cultural, philosophical and historical contexts. They critically investigate such contexts with a keen awareness of media and materials, ranging from sculpture and painting to video installations, photography and digital imaging. Theis Wendt will be one of the artists joining CINNNAMON at Unseen Amsterdam this year. Living and working in Copenhagen, Wendt invites the viewer to peer into the shallow depth of various frames that lock us in to an endless sense of self-reflection. 

Theis Wendt.jpg
Photo: Untitled, 2017 © Theis Wendt/CINNNAMON

Dürst Britt & Mayhew
Dürst Britt & Mayhew was founded in The Hague in 2015 by curator Jaring Dürst Britt and art critic Alexander Mayhew. The gallery is housed in a former garage in The Hague and is committed to helping artists from different national and artistic backgrounds to further develop their practice. The gallery offers a platform for a more experimental approach to making exhibitions with the aim of reaching both Dutch and international audiences. The gallery will be showing premiering work by Pieter Paul Pothoven at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam. In his multimedia work, Pothoven engages with the past by working with historical sites, artefacts and other resources.

Flatland Gallery
Flatland Gallery is a Dutch contemporary art gallery based in Amsterdam. The gallery is internationally acclaimed in the field of contemporary photography and has a reputation for film, video, installations, sculptures, painting and drawings. With a cosmopolitan outlook and an independent standpoint, Flatland Gallery’s programme encompasses an ambitious programme of exhibitions and events. One of the artists accompanying Flatland at Unseen Amsterdam 2017 will be South African photographer Katharine Cooper, whose characteristic black and white photographs depict intimate portraits that represent both the maker and the subject.

KatharineCooper.jpgPhoto: Khalid and his Donkey in Old Aleppo, from the series The Aleppo Spring, 2017 © Katharine Cooper/Flatland Gallery

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