Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #13

by Unseen September 12 2017

Unseen Amsterdam 2017 is less than two weeks away, and we are excited to introduce you to all the amazing galleries that will be presenting work at this year’s Fair. This week, we’re introducing you to the handful of galleries who are dedicated to exposing artists to international platforms through their own programming and initiatives. Keep scrolling to find out more about Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte, mc2gallery, NEWWER, Stieglitz19 and Van der Mieden Gallery.

Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte
Located in the heart of Madrid’s gallery district, Camara Oscura is a multidisciplinary art gallery specializing in international contemporary photography. The gallery is committed to presenting and nurturing emerging and mid-career artists for long term success. South African artist Johann Ryno de Wet, whose work has been described as magnetic, nightmarish and intensely disturbing, will be presenting a premiere series with the gallery at the Fair this year.

Photo: Road Sign, from the series The Visitor, 2017 © Johann Ryno de Wet/Camara Oscura

mc2gallery was founded in 2009 in Milan, and specialises in showcasing the work of Italian and international photographers, as well as painters, video artists and sculptors. The gallery regularly collaborates with museums and public institutions to promote its artists, including Italian photo-based artist Lamberto Teotino, whose past work is grounded in the re-appropriation of archival imagery. He is presenting a new series at Unseen Amsterdam that blurs the distinctions between different types of image making, from painting to photography.

A Flower with Advection Frost, from the series 1816, 2017 c Lamberto Teotino:mc2gallery _0.jpgPhoto: A Flower with Advection Frost, from the series 1816, 2017 © Lamberto Teotino/mc2gallery 

Founded in 2015 and rooted in a passion for art, photography and contemporary media, NEWWER is an independent collection and editorial publishing platform dedicated to promoting contemporary Latin American photography. The gallery’s overarching goal is to position Latin American photography on an international scale through the work of both emerging and establishing artists. At Unseen Amsterdam, NEWWER is presenting premiere works by Colombian artist Santiago Forero, whose process is described as a practice of meditation, where he uses images to reflect on how society molds beliefs and ideas about itself and different cultures.

TOWELS, STORY ABOUT FRIENDS, 2017, SANTIAGO FORERO, NEWWER GALLERY WEB_0.jpgPhotoTowels, from the series Story about Friends, 2017 © Santiago Forero/NEWWER

Founded in 2008, Stieglitz19 is an Antwerp-based gallery specializing in 21st century art and photography with a focus on emerging artists and established artists who lack wider recognition in the art world. Belgian artist Thomas Vandenberghe, whose practice is often characterised by his affinity for making small, intimate photographs using a compact film camera, will be presenting premiere work with Van der Mieden at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam.

Untilted, 2017 c Thomas Vandenberghe:Stieglitz19 jpg_0.jpgPhoto: Untitled, 2017 © Thomas Vandenberghe/Stieglitz19

Van der Mieden Gallery
Van der Mieden Gallery was founded in 2004 in Antwerp, and later moved to Brussels in 2012 to participate in and contribute to the city’s diverse cultural institutions, museums and galleries. Van der Mieden works with artists whose work is grounded in abstraction, such as Danish artist Adam Jeppesen, whose photographs of desolate landscapes and solitude are a commentary on the remnants of his frequent solo journeys to regions characterised by infrequent human interaction.

Work n°65 version I, 2017 c Adam Jeppesen :Van der Mieden Gallery.jpgPhoto: Work n°16, 2017 © Adam Jeppesen/Van der Mieden Gallery

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