Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #14

by Unseen September 17 2017

Unseen Amsterdam 2017 is just a few days away! In this feature, we are highlighting the last handful of Dutch galleries that are presenting work at this year’s Fair. In our last Netherlands-based feature we focused on six other participating galleries, and this roundup highlights six others: Galerie Caroline O’Breen, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Galerie Ron Mandos, Kahmann Gallery, LhGWR and The Ravestijn Gallery.

Galerie Caroline O’Breen
Formerly Seelevel Gallery, Galerie Caroline O’Breen was founded in 2009 and is located in the heart of Amsterdam. The gallery presents fine art photography by Dutch talent with a focus on pioneering, engaged and conceptual art based in photography. One such artist is Marjolein Blom, whose photographs are the result of her fascination with scientific theories that are often considered counterintuitive, such as quantam physics, special relativity and the inner workings of our universe. Blom is also presenting premiering work at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam.

Photo: Water, Thales #1 from the series A Monkey Peeled an Onion..2017 © Marjolein Blom/Galerie Caroline_O'Breen- 

Galerie Gabriel Rolt
Founded in 2006, Galerie Gabriel Rolt primarily works to support the professional future of its artists. Since its foundation in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, the gallery has been coordinating a programme of international emerging and mid-career artists working across various mediums such as painting, works on paper, video, performance art and photography. At Unseen Amsterdam, the gallery will premiere work by artist Aukje Dekker, whose images are characterised by their dissonance with immediate reality, necessitating a close and engaged reading from her viewers.

Cuttig Daisy, 2006 c Aukje Dekker:Galerie Gabriel Rolt copy_0.jpgPhoto: Cutting Daisy, 2006 © Aukje Dekker/Galerie Gabriel Rolt

Galerie Ron Mandos
Also located in the Jordaan, Galerie Ron Mandos was founded in 1999 and seeks to provide a platform for artists whose works address the complex relationships between artist, artwork and everyday experience in dynamic modes of representation. One such artist is Hans Op de Beeck, who creates spatial video and photographic works that are deconstructions of scenes from daily life. Op de Beeck is presenting premiere images at Unseen Amsterdam 2017 that address the tragicomic absurdity of post-modern photography.

 Room 4, 2009 C Hans Op de Beeck Galerie Ron Mandos WEB_0.jpgPhoto: Room(4), 2009 © Hans Op de Beeck/Galerie Ron Mandos

Kahmann Gallery
Kahmann Gallery, founded in 2005, is also located in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. Although the gallery was originally specialised in Dutch vintage photography, its scope has broadened over time to include work by international and contemporary photographers. This year, Kahmann Gallery is presenting premiere work by Rogier Houwen, whose thoughtful approach to image making is a rarity in our society obsessed with the fast and new. Houwen’s longing for silence and emptiness is communicated effortlessly in his photographs, which bring out a desire to reconnect with nature in his viewers.

Body, 2016 C Rogier Houwen Kahmann Gallery WEB_0.jpg

Photo: Body, 2016 © Rogier Houwen/Kahmann Gallery

Founded in 2007, LhGWR is an up-and-coming exhibition space based in the Hague, concentrating on lens-based media with a focus in photography. The gallery represents artists whose work is devoted to discussing contemporary issues in local and global contexts. One such artist is Thomas Kuijpers, who develops immersive installations that question our reliance on mainstream media for objective information, and whose newest series will be on view at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam.

Truck (Weapon),2017 c Thomas Kuijpers:LhGWR_0.jpgPhoto: Truck (Weapon), 2017 © Thomas Kuijpers/LhGWR

The Ravestijn Gallery
The Ravestijn Gallery has been championing the world of inquisitive and provocative contemporary photography since it was founded in 2012. Representing both Dutch and international artists, The Ravestijn Gallery presents the work of artists whose practice combines strong aesthetics with deep conceptual layers that push the boundaries of the photographic medium. At Unseen Amsterdam 2017, they are presenting a premiere series by Nico Krijno, whose work explores the space between photography and painting, and photography and ephemeral sculpture. Krijno combines two-dimensional works with in-situ temporary installations.

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