Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #9

by Unseen August 25 2017

As we get closer and closer to this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam, we are excited to tell you about all the galleries that will be showing work. This week we travel to New York to introduce you to three exciting exhibition spaces who will join us, Red Hook Labs, Aperture and Danziger Gallery.

Red Hook Labs
Red Hook Labs is a public-benefit corporation located in Brooklyn, New York. They are dedicated to establishing creative communities and self-sustaining businesses in developing areas. Through their relationship with creative industries and their commitment to education, events, and programming, they connect education and continuing skills training to mentorship, internships and job placements. For Unseen Amsterdam 2017, Red Hook Labs will be showing work by Kadara Enyeasi, a Lagos-based Nigerian photographer who studied architecture before turning his talents to creating images that span fashion, art and portraiture. His photography plays with form, space and perspective and often uses the body as a landscape. In Human Encounters, Enyeasi plays with the portrait form to explore different states of mind.

Idowu, from the series Human Encounters, 2015 © Kadara Enyeasi/Red Hook Labs

Created in 1952 by photographers and writers, Aperture today is a is a not-for-profit foundation based in New York. As a multi-platform publisher and centre for the photo community, Aperture produces, publishes, and presents a programme of photography projects, both locally and internationally. One of the artists Aperture will be showing at Unseen Amsterdam this year is Gregory Halpern, who will be showing premiering work. With a style that highlights the permeable border between reality and mythology, Halpern’s intimate landscape and portrait photography inhabits a fascinating space between fiction and non-fiction.

 Untitled, 2003-2016, C Gregory Halpern  Aperture Foundation WEB_0.jpgUntitled, 2003-2016 © Gregory Halpern/Aperture Foundation

Danziger Gallery
Founded in 1990, Danziger Gallery is one of the leading photography venues in the world, known for the originality and diversity of its programming and its representation of established and new photographers. Now located on New York’s Lower East Side, the gallery presents major shows while also responding quickly to new artists and the technological evolution of the medium, creating an up to date vision of photography's place in the world. Liz Nielsen is one of the artists Danziger will be showing at Unseen Amsterdam this year. In her work, Nielsen practices the art of ‘cameraless’ photography, which replaces the traditional negative with hand cut collages made up of different coloured gels.

Landscape Shapes, 2017 © Liz Nielsen:Danziger Gallery.jpgLandscape Shapes, 2017 © Liz Nielsen/Danziger Gallery

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