A collaboration born at Unseen

by Unseen June 16 2017

Unseen artists Taisuke Koyama (JP) and Takashi Kawashima (JP) are currently presenting an immersive and electrifying show at LhGWR (NL) called POST BODY/NATURE. Both artists are investigating the role of nature in our (post-digital) era in an exhibition that is a first time partnership between the two. The pair have conceived an extravagant show of fireworks brought to light with scientific rigor. Together they have produced a lively conversation between reason and emotion.


Koyama (1978, Tokyo) applies his studies in Biology and Environmental Sciences to photography to investigate the relationship between organic processes and phenomena, and the man-made objects that facilitate their visual capture. In recent years, Koyama has been investigating the expressive power of devices that generate data input, such as hand scanners and digital microscopes, focussing in particular on the plurality and fluidity of the data generated, recording the results in his latest works.


Starting from a similar fascination for nature and its processes, Kawashima (1985) translates his experience of nature in a fundamentally different manner. He grew up in the region in Japan where life came to a halt after the 2011 submarine earthquake. By creating a fictional visual narrative, Kawashima speaks about natural violence of environmental disasters to initiate a new conversation about the event itself. It remains one of the great mysteries of mankind how we manage to process such disasters on an emotional level. Can the human brain defy the forces of nature? These concerns Kawashima puts central in his work.


Koyama and Kawashima’s work was presented at Unseen Amsterdam 2016, where LhGWR (NL) and G/P (JP) formed a relationship that made this show possible. Unseen not only strives to encourage collaboration between its exhibiting artists but also encourages industry makers and gallerists to do so by showcasing talents in innovative and inspiring ways.  The show is on display at LhGWR until the 19th August 2017.