Fotogalleri Vasli Souza

Sweden, Malmö Stand 32

Vasli Souza is a privately run gallery with an international approach influenced by the background of Marcio Souza from Brazil and Rasmus Vasli from Norway. They both studied Fine Art Photography at the University of the Arts London, where they built their network. The gallery is located in the basement of an old factory building at Gustav Adolfs Torg, in the city center of Malmö. The aim is to show up-and-coming, often young, contemporary artists from a diverse background. Since opening in 2013, some of the artists exhibited include Ren Hang (CH), Zanele Muholi (ZA), Sami Parkkinen (FI), Pixy Liao (CH), Silin Liu (CH), Lissa Rivera (US) and Nelli Palomäki (FI).

ARTISTS 2018: AdeY, Silin Liu, Pixy Liao, Sami Parkkinen