Galerie VU'

France, Paris

After having been located during ten years in the Marais, the Galerie VU’ has moved to the hotel Paul Delaroche into the ninth district of Paris. It offers an exhibition space, a bookshop and a consultation room dedicated to the collectors. As a commercial gallery, Galerie VU’ is an exhibition and a selling place, which proposes a choice of more than 4000 collector’s prints. With six exhibitions per year, the Galerie VU’ proposes different possible readings of photography with thematic, monographic or collective approaches. Galerie VU' also organizes meetings with new collectors during international fairs, introduces exhibitions outside and organizes partnerships and co-productions with different actors of the photography’s world.

ARTISTS 2013: Ester Vonplon, JH Engström, José Ramon Bas, Maja Forsslund

ARTISTS 2012: Anders Petersen, Michael Ackerman, Ester Vonplon, JH Engström