ING Unseen Talent Award: Announcing the Nominees

by Unseen July 04 2016

The ING Unseen Talent Award is an initiative by ING and Unseen that gives new photography talent a platform to present their work on a global scale. What began as a Dutch initiative in 2013 has turned into a European award focused on scouting talent from across the whole of Europe. The aim of the award is to give young artists what they really need: a platform, a network and expertise.

ING Unseen Talent Programme

The finalists are rewarded with an extensive empowerment programme, coached by the internationally established American artist Todd Hido, and a commission for the ING Collection in this year’s theme Fool for Love. The theme is about pursuing your dreams, being passionate about your goals and being devoted to what you do. It celebrates those times we throw caution to the wind while simultaneously trying to make sense of life. The photographic works from this year’s finalists will be on display during Unseen Photo Fair 2016.

The Finalists

Felicity Hammond (b. 1988, UK)
Felicity Hammond’s photographic practice records and borrows from the indeterminate nature of new architectural propositions and constructions, and challenges its relationship with technological error and industrial decline. She arrests images from the digital world, and gives them a physicality through printing them onto sculptural materials. Her photographic installations and collages refer to a forgotten industry; industrial relics which become urban follies, lying precariously between construction and deconstruction, archaic and futuristic.

“Show Room The Language of Living”, 2016, Felicity Hammond, photographic installation - inkjet print on perspex, wooden structure, foam, LED lights.jpgShow Room The Language of Living, 2016 © Felicity Hammond

Tereza Zelenkova (b. 1985, CZ)
Tereza Zelenkova works predominantly with traditional black and white photography, creating series based on ephemeral and poetic relationships between photographs. In her work, she is often interested in mythologies surrounding particular places or people, while blending facts and fiction. Photography as a medium with all its technical specificities, its affinity with darkness, and its contradictions such as the one that photographs are linked to both death and immortality, lie all at the core of her artistic practice.

“Dog Cemetery”, 2015, Tereza Zelenkova, silver gelatin print on fibre based paper 2015.jpgDog Cemetery, 2015 © Tereza Zelenkova

Thomas Albdorf (b. 1982, AU)
Thomas Albdorf’s main interest focuses on the contemporary, ever-changing status quo of the photographic image. He conceives photography as a chain of decisions ranging from the subject’s staging to postproduction and the final print. In this way, the analogue negative doesn’t officiate as an enclosed photograph but rather a space of possibilities and probabilities. Alterations leave their visible mark in the final work, revealing their source as well as bringing their conditions of production up for discussion.

-Situation with Road Sign (In Passing - One)- from the series -General View-, 2016, Thomas Albdorf, pigment-print on Baryta paper, 40 × 57 cm, mounted on aluminum, framed behind non-reflecting glass.jpgSituation with Road Sign (In Passing - One), from the series General View, 2016 © Thomas Albdorf

Laurianne Bixhain (b. 1987, LU)
Laurianne Bixhain’s work is currently exploring the meaning of being mobile, our experience surrounded by screens, the reception of digital images, the different types of lighting we are exposed to, the appearance and reflectivity of built surfaces and spaces encountered in the city, the feel of textile materials, the materiality of prints, the sensuality of images, the representation of spaces and the creation of situations marked by uncertainty - all by the means of photographs and their arrangement.

“Brightly lit atrium”, 2015, Laurianne Bixhain, pigment print on Moenkopi Washi paper, 140 × 210 cm, 2015.jpgBrightly lit atrium, 2015 © Laurianne Bixhain

Miren Pastor (b. 1985, SP)
Miren Pastor’s ongoing project Bidean investigates the passing of time and human relationships. Taking adolescence as the epitome of change, she reflects on the elements that determine our development and shape our identity, just like the unstable cycles of nature. Pastor has published two photobooks within the project so far.

“No title”, From the series Bidean, 2014 Miren Pastor.jpgNo title, from the series Bidean, 2014 © Miren Pastor

For more information on the international jury, judging process and past edtitions, please visit the ING Unseen Talent Award homepage here.