Introducing: Workshops at CO-OP

by Unseen2 September 18 2018

In addition to their boundary-pushing exhibitions and presentations, our participating CO-OP collectives will be providing all-immersive, exciting workshops to give you a truly hands-on experience. A brand-new programme element at Unseen Amsterdam, find out more about the workshops on offer and continue planning your Unseen Amsterdam 2018.

Friday 21st of September:

14.00 – 15.00
Workshop: Constructed Landscapes, by Dafna Talmor (London Alternative Photography Collective)

In this hands-on slide collaging workshop, participants are provided with an archive of 35mm found vintage slides and invited to appropriate images by making physical interventions. Tampering with the materiality of the surface by collaging, drawing, scratching or layering fragments of the reconfigured transparencies, participants will re-project the slides and photograph them digitally. Participants will get to keep their one-off collaged slides as well as digital files of the projected images they produce, which can be printed and manipulated further beyond the workshop. If you would like to participate, contact

Saturday 22nd of September:

Talk: Japanese Lesson, by Böhm Kobayashi

Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber present the Japanese Lesson. The lessons they learned by walking and discussing, coming around and meeting all kinds of people, experiencing daily life and nightlife, taught them about landscape and protest, subculture and politics, music and places, spaces and emotions. In this talk the artists will talk about the recent works of the project Japanese Lesson and give an insight into the works they are presenting at CO-OP.

Workshop: Selfie Gym, by IMAGENRED

This visual exercise is conceived to explore in a playful way the idea of the selfie through a series of actions, in which participants will be able to experience their relationship with this system of representation. During this workshop, visitors will be encouraged to take selfies and to ‘create’ their own fake selfies using magazines and other materials that will be available to cut and paste, to build-up ‘Frankenstein selfies’ or to make collages. This activity will be energised by the IMAGENRED team. If you would like to participate, contact

Discussion: Collaborative practices in Africa: potentials, present and future by KLAYM & Yaounde Photo Network

Flurina Rothenberger, co-founder of Klaym and Christine Eyene, founder of Yaounde Photo Network will discuss collaborative photography practices in Africa. Their talk will address the current trends among young photographers from West, North and South Africa exploring challenges and opportunities of working within the continent, and building networks with the international contemporary photography scene. It will also highlight some of the important critical discourses developed by photographers from Africa and its diaspora.

Presentation and discussion: Media of the Constant Crisis, by Depression Era & Migrant Image Research Group

The work of Depression Era negotiates storytelling and documentary, responds to radical socio-economic transformations, broadcasts alternate media narratives and creates a living archive. The Tourists project repurposes documentations of Global Migrations and Tourism into a subversive tourism campaign. Collecting photographic conglomerates of diverse protagonists, the group tries to provide for multi-layered and alternative narratives of this lasting European crisis. The two collectives will present their current projects and together discuss the multiple identities of tourists and migrants, through the critical debate of what they name the ‘media of the constant crisis’.

Sunday 23rd of September:

Workshop: FOODROMANCE, by Fotoromanzo Italiano

Fotoromanzo Italiano and collaborator Francesca Seravalle will lead you through the iconography of food with a special attention to tomatoes and a super surprise. “At lunch time it's good and deserved to feed the eyes” – they said to each other. So here they are with an unconventional and ironic sequence of images about food and the world around it. Put on your apron and join! If you would like to participate, please contact

14.00 – 15.00

Workshop: The Latent Image, by Oliver Raymond-Barker (London Alternative Photography Collective)
In this alchemical workshop visitors will discover the latent potential of the photographic image. Working with the Chemigram process they will use pre-exposed black & white paper combined with photographic chemicals to create unique prints. Unlike conventional photographic techniques, Chemigrams are made under normal lighting conditions, making it an accessible activity.  Using a range of simple masking techniques—such as electrical tape and sticky back plastic—allows participants to explore the dynamics between geometric form and the unpredictable, organic results generated by the Chemigram process. Sign up now and email

If you would like to participate in any of the above workshops, please send an email to With limited capacity, don’t miss out and sign up now!

Image: Constructed Landscapes Artist Workshop with Dafna Talmor in collaboration with Photofusion,Tate Modern, 2017 © Dafna Talmor