Looking Back at Market? What Market?

by Unseen January 04 2018

On the fortuitous occasion of the Unseen Book Market and Photobook Week Aarhus coinciding in 2017, we launched a joint project called Market? What Market? to reflect on the role of today’s photobook market(s). Following a series of guest contributions to the Unseen website and roundtable discussions in Aarhus and Amsterdam (watch the Living Room recording), we are proud to present the resulting online booklet, now available for download.

This booklet brings together experts from the photobook community and their varied perspectives on the history of the photobook market as well as the current challenges it faces. It compiles contributions from Gerry Badger (co-author of The Photobook: A History, 3 volumes), Olivier Cablat (artist and artistic co-director of Cosmos Arles Books) and Sebastian Arthur Hau (Le Bal founder, artistic co-director of Cosmos Arles Books and director of Polycopies), quotes from the panel discussions, plus two brand new materials from Carlos Spottorno (photographer and filmmaker) and Natalia Baluta (co-founder of Russian Independent SelfPublished collective).

                                                                DOWNLOAD HERE

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Top image: Book Market, Unseen Amsterdam 2017 © Iris Duvekot