Lumix meets Beyond 2020 by Japanese photographers #6

by Unseen September 07 2018

Get to know the artists from Lumix meets Beyond 2020 by Japanese photographers #6. Since 2013, IMA Media Project has been organising the exhibition annually in special collaboration with Panasonic Corporation and its brand, LUMIX, to support and develop young talented artists who will lead the way for the future of Japanese fine art photography. 

Returning to Unseen Amsterdam for the third year running, we are proud to present the work of six emerging talents from Japan, who were asked to create work in response to the theme ‘How best to understand the world of uncertainty’, exploring the challenges and opportunities that technological advancements create in present-day society. The exhibition investigates how millennials, as the newest generation of makers, use photography to reflect on today’s increasingly uncertain world.

Sayuri Ichida (1985)
A graduate from Tokyo Visual Arts College, Ishida has been based in New York since 2012. Much of her work has been created in the United States and revolves around the experience of being an outsider in a culture with such a strong visual iconography. For her latest series, Mayu, Ichida collaborated with the professional Japanese ballet dancer Mayu Oguri, who performs with the New York Theatre Ballet. 

Taro Karibe (1988)
Beginning his career as a photographer in just 2015, Karibe’s work has since been featured in international magazines such as The New York Times, British Journal of Photography, The Telegraph and The Wall Street Journal. In 2017 he published a photobook, Plastic Reincarnation, and in 2018, he held a solo exhibition at Head On Photo Festival in Sydney. In his latest series, Incidents, Karibe focuses entirely on the image glitches, editing out any traces of the subject and confronting the viewer with what appears to be pure digital noise.

Taro Karibe_0.jpg

INCIDENTS, 2018 © Taro Karibe

Yoko Kusano (1993)
Graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, Kusano gained recognition in 2017 after winning Canon's New Cosmos of Photography. In her series Everything is Temporary, Kusano follows the long tradition of diaristic, personal snapshot photography which has played an important part in the development of Japanese photography and remains an important current in the contemporary scene.

Yoko Kusano.jpg


Takeshi Mita (1979)
Graduating with an MA in Painting from Tama Art University, Mita has since been exploring the way in which we experience the world. In 2015 he won Canon's New Cosmos of Photography and in 2016 he won JAPAN PHOTO AWARD. Solo exhibitions include Bundle of LIFE at MEDIA SHOP Gallery in Kyoto and The Fictitious at Ying Gallery in China, both in 2017. In his series Tracing, Mita creates layered landscapes in which a smaller, in-focus image appears to hover over an out-of-focus background landscape which acts as a frame. 


Takeshi Mita.jpg

Tracing, 2018 © Takeshi Mita

Kenta Nakamura (1981)
In 2016 Nakamura was selected as one of the 30 best photographers by PhotoVogue/inFashion, and one was selected as one of the best photos of the year by Vogue Italia. His series Your Story is made up of seemingly unrelated visual fragments, and prompts the viewer to construct a narrative of their own. Nakamura’s work has been featured in renowned lifestyle magazines and platforms such as Dazed & Confused and It’s Nice That, and in 2017, he won JAPAN PHOTO AWARD.

Kenta Nakamura.jpg

Offerings, 2017 © Kenta Nakamura

Riyo Nemeth (1989)
Born in Tokyo, Riyo Nemeth graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2010. She regularly collaborates with various artists and designers and has been exhibiting and opening pop-up shops all over the world. Since moving back to Tokyo in 2014, Nemeth has been working in film and photography, focusing on creating representations of time, senses and memories in three-dimensional forms. For her series Consonant Intervals, Nemeth explores the natural world and our perception of it. The piece is representative of the importance of the natural world as a subject in the context of contemporary Japanese art.

Riyo Nemeth.jpg

Consonant Intervals, 2018 © Riyo Nemeth

Beyond 2020 by Japanese photographers #6 is on show from the 21st to the 23rd of September 2018 at Unseen Amsterdam. Find out more information about the exhibition here, and visit their website. 

Image: Mayu, 2018 © Sayuri Ichida