Aïda Muluneh

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Ron Mandos

Aïda Muluneh (ET, 1974) considers humans idealists who seek perfection but live in a reality unable to afford that balance. Life is unpredictable and imperfect. According to her, there is a world within us and a world knocking on our door both bearing the unknown future. Taking this uncertainty as the series’ starting point, Muluneh explores questions about life, love, and history without giving an answer. As such, The World is 9 is a reflection of conscious and sub-conscious manifestations of time and space.

Muluneh  is a multi-award winning art photographer, photojournalist and cultural entrepreneur, who lived in Yemen, England, Cyprus, Canada and the United States. She currently resides in Ehtiopia. Muluneh received her education in Film at Howard University in Washington D.C. Her work has a.o. been exhibited at MoMA, NYC (US, 2018); David Krut Projects, NYC (US, 2016); and SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah (US, 2015).