Benyamin Reich

Italy, Milan Podbielski Contemporary

Benyamin Reich (IL, 1976) was born into a family of Rabbis from Bene Brak, Israel. Although he started already at the age of 15 to disconnect himself from the very strict world of his childhood, his background has become a driving force of his art. His search for self-realization finally brought him to photography. After his years of study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem he moved to Berlin, where he lives and works since 2009.

In his still life, portrait, landscape and conceptual photography Reich attempts to contrast as well as to harmonize opposites like sensuality and spirituality, the profane and the holy, nature and humanity. Thereby modern distress and happiness unite in his works of art with the mythical sounds of forgotten sanctity, they encourage a dialogue between different but interacting cultures and ideologies, and even try to mirror the innermost stirrings of human beings.