Hans Wilschut

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Ron Mandos

Hans Wilschut’s work originates from the urban world. His photographs are lyric reflections on our increasingly built-up surroundings and his study a dialogue with the city.

Wilschut searches the boundaries between public and private domain at the frayed edges of cities for places where changes merge and manifest. Using a personal approach, he attempts to highlight themes including socio-cultural metamorphoses, the increase in tourism, the shift in world economies and demographic growth in portraits that stand alone. Wilschut translates the language of aesthetics, incorporating it in an underlying layer and challenging viewers to look and sharpen their gaze. His images do not criticize; instead they show what only the photographic eye can see. Very clear and highly detailed photographs in huge formats entice viewers while at the same time presenting them with a riddle: what exactly are we looking at here?