Isabelle Le Minh

France, Paris Galerie Christophe Gaillard

Born in Schötmar (Germany) in 1965, Isabelle Le Minh now lives and works in Caen.

She has an Engineering Degree in Materials Science and an MFA from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. Also a curator, she teaches photography at the Rouen High School of Art. A few years ago, she drifted away from photography to reflect upon the image in a broader way and to extend her area of creation to contemporary art. She now conceives resolutely conceptual works, which take all manner of forms (installations, photos, videos, books). Winner of the french Young Design Award Prize in 2000 and the Trafik Prize in 2003, she has been nominated to the Niepce Prize in 2014. Recent exhibitions of her works include: Contemporary Art Center of Basse-Normandie (France, 2009), Rencontres d'Arles (2012), Paris Photo (solo show, 2012), Mulhouse Museum of Fine Art (2013), Ile de France Center of Photography (CPIF) and French Society of Photography (2014).