Jason Oddy

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Gallery Vassie

Jason Oddy's photographs examine the relationship between mankind and the built environment. Using a slow-moving 5x4 plate camera, Oddy treats the places he investigates less as sites to be documented and more as spaces to be engaged with. Spending days absorbed in what are often off-limits or hard to reach locations, he seeks to make visible the ideological and ontological forces that constitute what might be termed the architectural unconscious, that hidden or at least unacknowledged field that is all the while operating on us, producing us, its effects as primordial as they are imperceptible. His striking, often geometrical work, made in places as diverse as the Pentagon, Soviet sanatoria, the United Nations headquarters, Guantanamo Bay and modernist university campuses, invite us to consider how different types of architecture might imply and even produce different types of political subject.  

Oddy’s work has been exhibited widely in both Europe and the US and is held in a number of significant collections including the Wellcome Foundation, the Elton John collection, Channel 4, Citibank Private Bank, DZ Bank, the University of Hertfordshire and the Michael Wilson collection.