Julien Mignot

France, Paris Intervalle

Julien Mignot (FR, 1981) is a French autodidact artist and art collector. He lives in Paris and works around the world. He is one of the most requested portraitist photographers in France. His images land in the pages of the magazines and newspapers New-York Times, Libération, Le M du Monde, Elle, le New-Yorker, Grazia but also in the Parisian metro. When he has spare time he goes back to his roots, in Auvergne with his volcanos and his vines.

Children are often told to grow up before they have the right to see. So, to satisfy their curiosity, they spy through the window, with telescopes hoping that the couple of the third will make love without pajamas. When he was a child, Julien Mignot was one of them. It was before the internet and the era of globalised exhibitionism. In the series Screen Love, the artist experiences the updated version of this voyeurism by photographing his screen connected to sexy webcams for the hooks of the live. Photographs are charcoal process prints made by Fresson family since 1899.