Martin Kollar


Martin Kollar (SK, 1971) studied camera at the Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since his graduation he has worked as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.  Martin Kollar literally finds his images along the roadside. With a strong sense for ambiguous narrative he explores in his works the essence behind the visible surface. For Provisional Arrangement he roamed the roads of Europe for several months to question the notion of the provisional which is based on time and memory, change and deconstruction. He encountered leftovers, ruins, temporary solutions, accidental and off-the-wall arrangements, fragments of stories and of history. In his photographs he examines a world where the concept of permanence or even eternity does not exist. However, by capturing provisional arrangements with his camera, he turns them – with a subtle sense of humour – into monuments of day-to-day uncertainty.