Sebastiaan Bremer

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Galerie Ron Mandos

Sebastiaan Bremer (NL, 1970) attended the open studio program in Vrije Academie in The Hague and moved to New York in 1992. Throughout his career, Bremer has in one way or another used pre-existing images to explore deep ideas about time, memory and processing. In his early years, he meticulously reproduced personal snap-shots in painting. Over the following years, this process of ‘re-thinking’ visual documents of the past has led Bremer to experimentation with different techniques and materials that alter the image’s material existence. In the late 1990s he began to draw directly on the surface of personal photographs, covering the images with intricate patterns of strokes and dots or applying splashes of paint and ink. More recently, Bremer has complicated this process of alteration, cutting and carving away sections of emulsion to create etchings on the photographic surface and using collage techniques to create hybrid images.