Susannah Baker-Smith

The Netherlands, Amsterdam Gallery Vassie

British photographer Susannah Baker-Smith (1968) grew up in Wales and Amsterdam. She studied English Literature at Cambridge and went on to travel and work in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  She then studied at the Institute of Contemporary Photography (ICP) in New York. After graduating in 2008, she embarked upon a series of independent projects examining the idea of place, focusing on the way that our experience of the new is affected by our memories of the past. These projects have taken her to Syria, Rwanda, India and Sri Lanka and are part of the series Another Place. 
After wandering and looking outwards for many years she recently turned her focus inwards, returning to an early fascination with Still Life, cultivated during her time living in close proximity to the Rijksmuseum. In the series Chaise Longue – objects are photographed in the same place, and share the same horizon, so the focus lies on the particular materiality of each. Shot with a Rolleiflex camera and printed on photo-rag paper, these works are painterly both in look and feel. 

The painter Giorgio Morandi has been another influence, for his simplicity of form and composition which abstracts the subject; intense observation of the familiar invites new layers of meaning which can be both playful and disconcerting. The natural light source changes for each picture, reflecting the time of day or indeed the kind of day, exerting its own influence on how the object is viewed. 
Susannah’s work has been published in Photomonitor, AnOther Magazine and Violet.