Taisuke Koyama

Japan, Tokyo G/P gallery

Taisuke Koyama (JP, 1978) is a visual artist whose primary interest lies in the process of how natural phenomena of day-to-day life transform into photographic images/objects. With a background in biology and natural environmental studies, he creates photography and video works that explore the possibility of image-making in the post-digital era. 

Koyama’s latest photographic works are from the contemporary photography project, Tokyo Photographic Research, initiated by Junya Yamamine, a curator of Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito (Japan), and the artist himself in the aims of capturing and visualising the dynamic changes within Tokyo heading towards the hosting of the Olympics. The series consists of error images, which result from use of the data recovery software in the restoration process of his purposefully deleted photographs of Tokyo, Koyama shows the images that not only embody the possibilities arising through technological advancements, but also of their fallacies and misuse. This work reveals his consistent research on the constantly renewing history of photography and image-making.

He was selected to participate in PLAT(T)FORM 2015 (Fotomuseum Winterthur) and a finalist for AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize 2017 (Art Gallery of Ontario). His recent exhibitions include SENSOR_CODE (SEEN FIFTEEN, London, 2018), TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESERCH #01: PHASE TRANS (G/P gallery, Tokyo, 2018), and Generated Images (Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, London, 2016) , THE KING AND I (Palazzo Reale, Milan, 2016) and Aichi Triennale 2016: Trans Dimension (Cibico, Higashi Okazaki, JP, 2016).