shashasha & Case Publishing

shashasha was started in 2013 when it launched a digital photobook application to promote Asian photography across the globe. Since 2016, shashasha has expanded its selection to include photobooks from all over the world. Case Publishing is a Tokyo based publisher founded in 2015. They focus on artistic culture including contemporary art, photography and design.


Case Publishing

Founded in 2015, Case Publishing focuses on artistic culture in the realms of contemporary art, photography and design.


Gallery Naruyama

Gallery Naruyama opened in 1997 with an exhibition from its collection of W. v. Gloden. Since then, gallery has questioned science, medical, anthropology, and new value. Including Atsushi Suwa and Cosima von Bonin, they have introduced young talents from Japan, Switzerland and Germany as well as surrealists such as Pierre Molinier, Hans Bellemer, and Cecil Beaton. The gallery has also presented its discovery of Japanese medical photographs and spirit photographs from ex Sir Conan Doyle collection.

Taka Ishii Gallery

Taka Ishii Gallery exhibits the work of contemporary master Japanese and foreign artists. In addition, the gallery supports the development of younger artists in both Tokyo and Kyoto. In 2011, the gallery inaugurated Photography/Film, a third exhibition space which serves as a forum for the presentation of the work of lesser-known pre- and post-war Japanese photographers and as a site for the exhibition of masterworks by historical and contemporary photographic masters from Japan and abroad.

ARTISTS 2012: Daido Moriyama, Shomei Tomatsu, Ikko Narahara

IMA gallery

IMA gallery is a space dedicated to photographic art and is located in the heart of Tokyo. The gallery is part of IMA Concept Store, which consists of a gallery, café and bookstore where photographs and photobooks can be purchased.

IMA gallery’s main focus is to help young Japanese photographers promote their work internationally. It organises themed group exhibitions by young artists and has a multilayered programme, which includes lectures, workshops, and events.

ARTISTS 2015: Hideyuki Ishibashi, Kosige, Yoshinori Mizutani

Annet Gelink/Taka Ishii

A Dutch-Japanese collaboration brings to Unseen a collection of vintage photographs from the 1950s to 1970s. The Amsterdam-based Annet Gelink Gallery delivers 'the unseen' by showing works that have not been published as well as other vintage photographs by Ed van der Elsken, one of the most prominent Dutch photographers. Taka Ishii Gallery with spaces both in Tokyo and Kyoto, provides 'the unseen' from a Japanese perspective by exhibiting work by Daido Moriyama, Shomei Tomatsu and Shoji Ueda.

artbeat publishers

artbeat is the publishing arm of G/P gallery, based in Tokyo. They are dedicated to promoting cutting edge contemporary visual art in book form, to both a Japanese and international audience. Some of the artists they have collaborated with include, Viviane Sassen, Stephen Gill, Kishin Shinoyama, Mika Ninagawa, Daisuke Yokota, Taisuke Koyama and Rieko Shiga.  

G/P gallery

Established in 2008 in Tokyo, G/P gallery discovers and encourages young Japanese photographers, whilst organising a platform for new photographers through various group exhibitions, portfolio reviews and awards. G/P’s mission is to discover and promote Japanese young powerful photographers, to generate the appreciation for photography as an art form through discussions and criticism, and to be at the frontier of contemporary photography through activating cultural exchanges between international photographers.

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