Unseen travels: Discovering Approche Photographic Salon

by Unseen November 08 2017

© Edouard Taufenbach

November is the month for photography in Paris, and we are looking forward to attending this year’s exhibitions and events! We’ll be dropping by the Approche Photographic Salon, where some of the participating artists and galleries exhibited work at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam!

In line with Unseen’s own approach to photography, the Approche Photography Salon presents 13 artists who use the photographic medium – instead of 13 photographers who exclusively confine themselves to this classification. This pushes the boundaries of contemporary photography, questioning how the medium is situated within contemporary art as a whole. The Approche Photography Salon therefore works to uncover and liberate the ideological, semantic and cultural labels that have been placed on photography since its initial consideration as a legitimate art form began in the 1960s. These include the use of atypical materials, the incorporation of sculpture, and the integration of photography into a slew of other mediums.

Participating artists Eva Stenram, Thomas Mailaender, Anouk Kruithof and Edouard Taufenbach have all exhibited works and coordinated exhibitions over the years at Unseen Amsterdam. Stenram’s work was exhibited by The Ravestijn Gallery in 2014, and her interest in the human psychological condition pushes the boundaries of the image-making process and what it represents. Ron Mandos Gallery exhibited Kruitof’s work this year, exemplifying her fascination with the online representation of societal issues. Taufenbach’s work is characterised by his exploration of concepts through repetition and symmetry, and was exhibited this year by Galerie Binome. Mailaender participated in this year’s Unseen Amsterdam by co-curating our leading exhibition with Eric Kessels, titled Photo Pleasure Palace, where the limits of photography were pushed to absurd extremes in a series of fun fair events.

The Approche Photography Salon promises to intellectually deconstruct how we think about photography and its limitations by breaking boundaries and rejecting labels. If you’re in Paris this November, be sure to check it out to see how the medium is evolving through Unseen artists! Otherwise follow our Instagram account @unseenplatform and #unseentravels to see what we are up to.