Workshops at Fujifilm Faculty 2018

by Unseen September 06 2018

Every year at Unseen Amsterdam we collaborate with a range of talents working in the field of contemporary photography to bring you a dynamic programme of uniquely curated events. Aside from our lively speakers programme in the Living Room and the jam-packed schedule at the Book Market, there are plenty of interactive programme features to get stuck into, including daily workshops with artist collectives The Cool Couple and CORAMU at the Fujifilm Faculty. 

For the first instalment of the Fujifilm Faculty at Unseen Amsterdam this year, artist duo The Cool Couple (Niccolò Benetton (1986, IT) and Simone Santilli (1987, IT)) was invited to research into the nature of Fujifilm photopaper. Alongside the presentation of their results at Unseen Amsterdam, the duo and guest artist collective CORAMU (New York-based artists Ina Jang (1982, KOR) and Brea Souders (1978, US)) will hold daily workshops, posing different questions about the history and materiality of the photograph. If you're interested, be sure to sign up in advance – space is limited! 

Time Travel Stuff with The Cool Couple
What is the role of photographic paper in a world that is increasingly screen-based? Through a reflection on time, space, and the history of images, the workshop invites the participants to contribute to the realisation of a time capsule containing a portrait of the present. How much control do we have on our pictures once they leave our devices? How will future humans interpret our cultural productions? Through a series of exercises and challenges, The Cool Couple will guide you in an attempt to make your images time-travel.

Workshops run daily from 12.00 - 13.30. Sign up in advance via or at the Fujifilm Faculty exhibition space. Please note that on Friday, workshops are open for students only.

Kinda Future Funhouse with CORAMU
In this workshop, CORAMU will encourage participants to alter the life of a single photograph through a series of exchanges. Each participant will begin with the same print, the first hoax photograph ever made. This image will be circulated around the group, and with each exchange, a new action will be made to the image. Materials provided include newspapers, magazines, paint, scissors, pens and cameras and printers. CORAMU will alter the environment at times, bringing unforeseen elements into play, which may or may not affect the final outcome of the image. In the end, there will be multiple versions of the same original image, multiple lives lived. A short discussion will follow.

Founded in 2017, CORAMU is made up of New York-based artists Ina Jang (1982, KOR) and Brea Souders (1978, US). As Fujifilm Faculty’s guest collective, the duo collaborated with Fujifilm to create a book of their ongoing series named Go. The project comments on the circulation of photography in an increasingly digital world.

Workshops run daily from 15.30 - 17.00. Sign up in advance via or at the Fujifilm Faculty exhibition space. Children are welcome to participate in the Friday workshop.

You can read more information about the Fujifilm Faculty exhibition here, and an interview with The Cool Couple here

Image: The Cool Couple at the Fujifilm Faculty premises, 2018 © Rachel Morón